Noreen Ramsay



Noreen Ramsay at work

Noreen Ramsay building a ceramic lattice

each beautiful piece
is a pool of serenity
you can return to
to contemplate
again and again


Noreen is a member of:

Crafts Council of Ireland

Ceramics Ireland

Visual Artists Ireland




About the Artist

Noreen Ramsay is a contemporary Irish artist
who works from her studio in Co Clare.

Noreen Ramsay working Noreen Ramsay is a contemporary Irish artist who works from her studio in Co Clare.

She tells a story through her art, expressing symbolically in imagery, what cannot easily be expressed in words.

After a childhood spent mainly outdoors in Central Africa Noreen returned to Ireland to follow her father into a medical career. She always had a creative streak  trying to find some space in the  middle of her busy medical training. Working with art therapy she reconnected with  the satisfaction of making art. There was a magic moment when what she was making in clay suddenly made itself into something else – something unexpected and wonderful. After this she returned to college to study a degree in ceramics and make the  transition to  being an artist.

She is concerned with creating a whole from fragments, an image from many layers. Using the fragility and transparency of her materials she creates contemplative work that quietly draws the viewer into a reflective space.

Mainly working with overlapping layers of glass and ceramic she creates three dimensional images. Flat sheets of plain glass are fused, enamelled, etched, sandblasted, painted and fired. Pure white porcelain is combined with the glass and these multilayered pieces form small sculptures or pictures.

In an increasingly demanding and frenetic world, Noreen’s subtle, serene work, in simple black and white tones, offers a focus for quiet contemplation.


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